Children's Religious Education


Children's programming at UUCT is designed to expose children to a variety of spiritual practices and traditions, morals and values, and sacred stories and texts. We believe that being honest with children about the diversity between and within religions is key to fostering empathy and tolerance as well as encouraging children to think independently and critically about their own beliefs.

Meet the Teacher

My name is Debbie Carden and I am your new RE Teacher. I am an “army brat” and I spent my childhood moving around different states and countries. I became a Unitarian Universalist in Virginia at the age of 18.  My parents are both from Alabama and I graduated from the University of Alabama with several degrees (an undergraduate in psychology; a masters in early childhood special education; and a masters in school psychometry) and I completed all of the coursework for an EdS in school psychology and masters in both human development and family studies (with an emphasis in child life) and gifted education. I was a certified child life specialist and I am currently certified as a gifted teacher (k-12) and an early childhood special education teacher (birth-second grade) as well as a certified occupational therapy assistant (with an emphasis on pediatric occupational therapy). I am the mother of an amazing 30 year old son who currently resides in Atlanta and who grew up in the UUCT church. Zac attended the church from the time he was a toddler through teen group and beyond. He met his first, and only, girlfriend at teen group and married her in the church six years after they started dating. This July they will celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary. I taught RE while my son and I attended church for many years. Perhaps because I am an army brat, I have moved many times as an adult and I moved back to Tuscaloosa less than two years ago. My parents and brother live here and I have missed living near them and intend to stay. I had heard that the church was no longer in existence when I moved back, so you can imagine my surprise when I was looking for a second job and saw an advertisement for the RE position. I jumped at the chance and really hope that I will be able to be one part of the puzzle to help the church grow again. I did not grow up as a UU but I am so proud that my son did and I want that for other families. I am looking forward to being involved with the church again and I am here to help in any way that I can.