"I am proud that we are a welcoming fellowship, embracing people of lgbtq+ orientations, racial diversity, international origins, varied religious backgrounds, and economic statuses." 

Shompa, Leadership

"I have been a member of the congregation since 2019. As a young adult, Unitarian Universalism and UUCT have truly been instrumental in creating a space where I can safely and independently explore and discover my beliefs. Whether you are religious, spiritual, searching, or simply trying to become a better person at your own pace, UUCT has a place for you! We are motivated to make changes in our world using our intellect, conscience, and democratic processes--each of these things we believe to be sacred. We support the Black Lives Matter movement, affirm all Queer identities, believe in the importance of environmental protection and conservation, and work toward seeing the restoration of women's rights to accessible healthcare in all of its forms. I hope you will visit us to see if we are a community that's right for you!"

Evan, Leadership

"Our congregation believes in the inherent worth and dignity of every person and the right of conscience and questioning, to name just two of the seven Unitarian Universalist Principles. I have been a member of this congregation since 2011 and through the years I’ve experienced its fellowship and its strong commitment to social justice. We are there to support each other in times difficult or joyous, and to support our community at large.

Kiki, Member

"This congregation is amazing! They hold monthly events and are always really engaged with the Tuscaloosa community. Social justice is very important to their members and its reflected in their actions. "

Sarah , Guest

"I came into Unitarian-Universalism in the early 1990s from a typical Christian background. What mainly drew me into Unitarian-Universalism was the wonder and beauty of the 7 UU principles." 

Ron, Member

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