Church Leaders & Staff Directory


Like all UU congregations, UUCT is governed by an elected body composed of its members, the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees has seven members: a President, Past-President and President-elect (one year in each position, for a three-year cycle), Secretary, Finance Trustee, and two at-large Trustees (two years each). New members of the Board of Trustees are nominated by the Leadership Committee and elected by the congregation at the annual business meeting, which occurs near the end of the fiscal year, in May. The fiscal year and term of the Board and committee chairs is July 1 through June 30. 

Julie Conrady, Minister

Rev. Julie is currently the minister of both UUCB and UUCT.  

Bobby Freeman, President

Stephen Borrelli, President - Elect

Deb Crocker, Finance Trustee

Ana Schuber, Secretary

Matthew Villareal, Intern Minister

Mary Weekes, At-Large Trustee

Susan Mckee, Leadership Development

Therese Musch, Leadership Development

Monty Thornburg, Leadership Development

Ken McGuire, Pianist

Sarah Crocker-Buta, UUCT Admin Assistant

Courtney McKenny, Director of Lifespan Development

Kim Alexander, UUCB Admin Assistant